Body Countoring

Our Equipments are FDA cleared to tone muscles by causing involuntary contractions resulting in positive effects on the muscles, yielding a stronger, tighter core and well-defined muscles in up to 8 treatment areas.


Benefits of BodyTone can include:

  • Customized treatments to meet your goals
  • Treat multiple areas in one setting
  • In each treatment, muscles are stimulated using multiple waveforms to create muscle confusion and achieve muscle growth
  • Hyper-Contracts the muscles, exceeding what can be done at a fitness center.
  • Defines, strengthens, tightens, and tones specific mucles groups.
  • Help muscle growth and builds muscle mass.
  • Can be used on multiple areas of the body (abdomen, buttocks, thighs and bicepts).
  • Non-Invasice.
  • No downtime.
  • Fast procedure 30-minutes treatments.
  • FDA Approved

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