This month we celebrate our Mothers

Now offering 40% off on all LASER HAIR REMOVAL!!!
Valid on 20th, 21st, 27th and 28th of May as well as 3rd and 4th of June

Featuring new voice service! now you can ask Alexa for our promotions: just say "Alexa, open Arya Spa" and ask for promotions, store hours and services.

All prices are per session.

Service Reg Price Discount Offer
Abdomen LHR120.0048.0072.00
Bikini LHR120.0048.0072.00
Brazilian LHR170.0068.00102.00
Buttocks LHR110.0044.0066.00
Chin LHR60.0024.0036.00
Full Arms LHR180.0072.00108.00
Full Face LHR120.0048.0072.00
Half Face LHR90.0036.0054.00
Knuckles LHR35.0014.0021.00
Lower Back LHR100.0040.0060.00
Underarms LHR75.0030.0045.00
Chest LHR120.0048.0072.00
Lower Legs LHR95.0038.0057.00
Full Legs LHR180.0072.00108.00
Upper Lip LHR60.0024.0036.00
Abdomen Line LHR85.0033.0052.00
Full Back LHR170.0068.00102.00
Upper Lip and Chin LHR80.0032.0048.00
Glabella LHR35.0014.0021.00
Sideburns LHR55.0022.0033.00
Hands LHR40.0016.0024.00
Nape LHR100.0040.0060.00
Ears LHR45.0018.0027.00
Upper Legs LHR115.0046.0069.00
Feet LHR50.0020.0030.00
Lower Arms LHR100.0040.0060.00
Neck LHR100.0040.0060.00

Max 3 Services per Client. Must be of different areas.

Services we offer:

To make an Appontment follow the instructions listed below:

  1. Select one of the following Services from the list
  2. Chose one of the Specialist Available
  3. Next will appear the Available schedule for the selected specialist, please choose one
  4. Finally press the Schedule Appointment button and follow instructions.

Step 1 - Choose one of the following services:

Step 2 - Choose an Specialist:

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Step 3 - Choose from Available Dates